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Compound welding forming tools

Article Source:Haizhou | Author:Haizhou | Time:2020-07-13

Processed products: auto parts-engine crankshaft

Problems and difficulties:

1. The crankshaft of the engine has high requirements on the coaxiality and length. To meet this requirement, the coaxiality of the positioning hole and the smoothness of the reference surface are required;

2. The product size and surface quality requirements are high;



1. This composite welding forming knife integrates fixed point, drilling, countersinking and chamfering, which can greatly reduce the number of times of processing and tool change, so as to ensure the coaxiality;

2. This composite welding forming knife is welded and formed by cemented carbide and tool steel, which can be repaired many times, which can save costs;

3. This composite welding forming knife adopts split-edge cutting structure, which can disperse cutting force and enhance tool stability;