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Diamond contoured profile cutter

Article Source:Haizhou | Author:Haizhou | Time:2020-06-24

Processed products: auto parts-air conditioning and refrigeration systems

Problems and difficulties:

1. The space at the bottom of the outer circle of the product is narrow, and interference will occur around the traditional milling cutter around the milling method;

2. The outer diameter of the concave contour of the product is smaller than the diameter of the nozzle, and it is a tubular thin-walled part, which is easy to deform during processing;

3. The product use and installation have higher shape and position tolerance requirements for outer circle accuracy and cylindricity;


1. Staggered blade design: (circular edge, nozzle edge), disperse the cutting resistance during processing to reduce the vibration of the thin-walled parts and product deformation and other phenomena;

2. Tool weight reduction design: The tool dynamic balance and centrifugal force are within the detection accuracy.