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3C industry-mobile phone frame

Article Source:Haizhou | Author:Haizhou | Time:2020-07-01

Processed products: 3C industry-mobile phone frame

Problems and difficulties:

1. The outer frame of the mobile phone is an appearance part, which has high requirements on the surface texture, and no texture is allowed after processing.

2. Processing the arc position, it is easy to turn the burr to the screen installation slot, resulting in the glass screen cannot be installed normally.

3. Particularity of product design, one side of the support is different from the other three sides, it is easy to cause over-cutting phenomenon.


In the design of the cutter structure, the front profile is set to a left-handed structure. The rear end profile is set to a right-handed structure, so that the processed chips are discharged to both sides to solve the problem of burr flanging. In addition, unequal grooves are added to avoid the appearance of lines caused by the vibration of the knife during use. Reduce the positioning error of two tools during repeated clamping and ensure accuracy.