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3C industry-mobile phone back cover

Article Source:Haizhou | Author:Haizhou | Time:2020-07-01

Processed products: 3C industry-mobile phone back cover

Problems and difficulties:

1. The back cover of the mobile phone is processed, and the processed grid lines are required to be clear, delicate, and uniform.

2. The texture requires an approximate straight line, so the design of the cutter head has a large diameter, which is a difficult challenge to the accuracy of the end face runout.


This milling cutter head is designed with four installation block positions, one of which is installed with PCD tool blocks and three installation weights. There are evenly distributed 32 adjusting and balancing threaded holes on the surface of the cutter head, which can ensure that the end face jumps within 5um. The special inclined weight-reduction groove can not only reduce the weight of the cutter body but also avoid abnormal noise during processing.