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Treasure Expo 2019

Article Source:Haizhou | Author:Haizhou | Time:2020-06-19

On November 4-6, 2019, the 2019 Baoan Industrial Development Expo with the theme of "Bay Area Core, Wisdom Creation Heights, Shared Homeland" was successfully held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. As one of the invited companies, the general manager of Haizhou Cutting Tools Yun Yun and his team participated in the exhibition.

The product exhibited this time is the expansion of the six-axis five-link Walter production line of the company's investment team. The CNC machine tools customized for customers have the advantages and characteristics of high precision and long life. At this exhibition, Shenzhen Haizhou CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. exhibited high-helical milling cutters, corrugated milling cutters, copy milling cutters, PCD cutters, and special customized cutters. Cost, capacity and other issues provide practical and effective solutions.

During the three-day exhibition, the Haizhou tool booth attracted countless exhibitors to stop. The professional visitors, exhibitors and customers of foreign procurement groups on the venue expressed great interest in the products exhibited by Haizhou tools, and the staff also Always full of enthusiasm and patience to communicate with exhibitors, the characteristics and advantages of the products are fully demonstrated in the brilliant speeches and demonstrations of Haizhou cutter staff. After detailed consultation on site, many enterprises and customers of foreign procurement groups expressed their hope to pass this opportunity Enter deep cooperation.

On April 5th, our company's sales manager Cui Dongsheng was invited by the organizer to give a speech. During the speech, Mr. Cui's words were rigorous and emotional, and he was an important part of the tool industry as an equipment manufacturing industry and an important process equipment in cutting. It determines the processing efficiency, precision, quality and cost of the workpiece in the manufacturing industry. It has been elaborated professionally and meticulously, and won the enthusiastic applause from the audience!

On April 6, our company won the honor of "Top Ten Brand Enterprises of Bao Expo" selected by the organizer. President Yun took the stage as an honored guest to receive the award and delivered his acceptance speech. President Yun said: "We have been committed to a cultural, For a connotative enterprise, the core values of the enterprise are all services for handling processing problems in various industries. The connotation of corporate culture is to serve the various industries with the brand as the soul, the professional and professional spirit of the dedicated industry." Yun's interpretation was the most vivid, and the applause and praise from the audience lasted for a long time!

Looking back on the 2019 Bao Expo, we have won praise from all parties on team building, innovative projects, and business cooperation. A good corporate image, high-end precision products have received the attention and affirmation of relevant government departments and industry companies, and have generated enthusiasm at home and abroad. The impact of all this has inspired us and made us confident to achieve better results through our efforts!