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2019 Industrial Fair

Article Source:Haizhou | Author:Haizhou | Time:2020-06-19

Following the "Baobo Expo" in 2019, the company's display of high-end precision products and the good corporate image have been concerned and affirmed by relevant government departments, the industry and the majority of customer groups; in the domestic and foreign 3C industry, automotive industry, medical equipment , Aerospace and other fields have had a profound impact.

On November 8, 26-29, the company was once again invited to participate in the DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo with the theme of "Building an International Platform, Intelligent Equipment, and Creating Port Economic and Trade Development" hosted by Xuntong in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The products exhibited by the company this time are the finished products of the high-precision production line of the six-axis and five-link Walter CNC grinders expanded by the investment group in recent years. It has the name of XX product, which is the representative of high precision and long life. The products exhibited at this exhibition also include special customized tools such as high-helix milling cutters, corrugated milling cutters, contour milling cutters and PCD cutters. Aiming at the problems of low efficiency, high cost and low production capacity encountered by manufacturing enterprises during the processing process, they provide practical and effective solutions.

During the 3-day exhibition (26-29 days), the Haizhou tool booth attracted countless exhibitors to stop, and the staff of Haizhou also always answered their questions with customers with full enthusiasm and patience. Technical problems can also be one by one. The characteristics and advantages of the products are most vividly displayed in the brilliant speeches and demonstrations of Haizhou cutter professional and technical personnel, so that the audience and representatives of exhibiting companies have an updated understanding of Haizhou products, which attracts more customers to the site. After detailed consultation and negotiation, I hope that through this preliminary understanding, we will enter into deep cooperation.

Outlook 2020: open and pragmatic focus on the moment

Looking back on the 2019 Bao Expo, we have made great achievements in team building, innovative projects, and business cooperation in a great and difficult period. More importantly, our team gives us confidence that through our efforts, we will achieve greater Success.