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Always Looking Forward

Article Source:Haizhou | Author:Haizhou | Time:2020-06-19

In order to thank all employees for their hard work and dedication in 2019, Shenzhen Haizhou CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. held the theme of "Building the Future with One Heart and Win the World Together" at Quanfulou Seafood Hotel at 18:18 on December 31. Welcome the Spring Festival Gala.

The welcome party kicked off in the speech of Mr. Yun Jian, the general manager of the company, and brought everyone sincere thanks and blessings and the outlook for the coming year; the company's deputy general manager, department leaders and employee representatives also came to the stage to bring blessings Gather together in a festive, peaceful and lively atmosphere, toast and drink together to enjoy the wonderful programs carefully prepared by the various departments of the company for everyone; the program content is wonderful and rich, and the performers are fully devoted to let all audiences have Laughed a lot, and some burst into tears...there are many prizes and surprises. The 2020 New Year celebration will end successfully in everyone's joyful laughter.