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  • In 1998, Shenzhen Haizhou CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was established and put into welding tool production line.

  • In 2004, imported six-axis five-linkage CNC tool grinders were introduced, and solid carbide tool production lines were added.

  • In 2008, the production lines of superhard PCD, PCBN and MCD (diamond) tools were added.

  • Won in 2014: Guangdong Province Heavy Credit Enterprise and many other honors and many new utility patents.


  • In 2017, it was awarded the title of "National High-tech Enterprise". Added Swiss nano-coating equipment to increase the super-hard coating process of cutting tools and enhance the wear resistance of cutting tools.


  • In 2019, we will expand the production line of super-hard tools and increase the production capacity of CNC tools.