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Industry trends

Article Source:Haizhou | Author:Haizhou | Time:2020-07-08

In recent years, with the development of high-tech technologies such as design technology, CNC machine tools, control systems and other manufacturing technologies, tool materials and coating technologies, and information technology, new high-speed, high-precision, flexible, composite, and environmentally friendly cutting technologies have been created. The overall level of cutting has reached a new height, and the face of traditional cutting has undergone fundamental changes. High-speed cutting, hard cutting, dry cutting, precision and ultra-precision cutting, micro-cutting and virtual cutting have become modern cutting technologies. The main symbol of the use of new tools to achieve efficient, high-quality, low-cost production is an important way for modern enterprises to improve economic efficiency. The innovation of tool structure, tool material, and coating technology promotes the rapid development of cutting processing technology. Tool structure design, tool New developments in materials and tool coating technology point out the development direction of advanced tools.

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