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Solid Carbide Milling Tools
We have various types of milling tools on solid carbide milling cutters to help you meet the most suitable choice in facing different challenges. Whether it is cutting plastic materials, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, heat-resistant alloys or other materials, we will offer the best combination of a variety of material hardness, tool structure and coating types for you application.
High spiral mllig cutter
  • High spiral mllig cutter

High spiral mllig cutter

The high spiral milling cutter is suitable for the processing of aluminum alloy and copper alloy. The slotting design uses a special method of large helix angle and large chip tolerance, and retains a certain cylindrical blade on the outer circle. Under the premise of suitable rake angle, with sufficient cutting space, it can not only ensure the sharpness of the tool but also increase the wear resistance. With the targeted TiN coating, the tool life can be further improved.

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